In the Garage

About Me

Hello. Guten Tag. 你好。Hola.

I'm Sannie, a Chinese American that has been living abroad for over 15 years with time spent in Germany and in Shanghai, China. Things that may be important for you to know about me:

  • I like all things tech. I'm a product manager and I am a true believer in working agile. But it needs to work for you.
  • I love music. You'll probably hear me talking about The Beatles, Weezer, Frank Turner, OK Go, Franz Ferdinand, or The Living End. I also go to live concerts a lot.
  • I'm passionate about traveling and discovering new cultures. This is likely why I moved abroad. It also helps that I like learning (human) languages.
  • I write about pop culture a lot because part of my undergrad major was film & media studies. I think pop culture both shapes us and reflects who we are, which is why I like writing about it.
  • I like to read, whether it's books, the newspaper, literary magazines, graphic novels, or Wikipedia. Unfortunately I don't have much patience for binge watching series on Netflix.
  • Lastly, I like to cook and eat. I like to cook because I like to eat and I like to eat because I like to cook. You get the idea.