Sunday, August 04, 2013

Picking up a good ol' fashioned hobby

Although I dedicate this blog mostly to thinking about pop culture, I have to write about a new hobby I recently picked up.  Last year for Christmas, I got a fairly large present.  When it was wrapped up, I thought it was a Wii and got really excited.  It turned out to be a sewing machine.  "A sewing machine?" you ask.  Yes.  I had been saying for awhile that I wanted to learn how to sew to be self-sufficient.  Not only that, I have often gone into stores, found something I like and one of the following things happened:
  • The fit sucked but looked nice on a hanger.
  • I didn't like the material but I like the cut.
  • I liked something and it fit, but it was too expensive.
  • I liked something but the quality was crap.
  • I found something secondhand that was just too big. get the point.

Sewing seems to be one of those things that our grandmothers had learned out of necessity, but our mothers scorned it when they burned their bras and demanded gender equality.  Why stay at home and learn to sew when there's a whole world out there to conquer?

But in this day and age, the choice to sew is much like any other choice a woman makes.  It's the freedom to choose what to do, right?