Sunday, June 09, 2013

Seriously Annoying Concert-Going Habits

I recently read this Rolling Stone article about "The 10 Most Annoying Concert Behaviors" which had been linked to another one about annoying rock star behaviors. As someone who goes to concerts rather frequently, I have my own list of annoying habits.  In addition to all the points mentioned in the RS article, here is my own list of annoying concert-going habits:

1. Taking pictures the entire freaking show.  With a flash.

At the OK Go show, January 2010.
Not possible with a flash.
I totally agree with this first point from the RS article. Seriously, stop taking pictures the entire time and then posting them to Facebook or Twitter.  Go ahead, take a few pictures, but the effort that you put in to taking the picture, writing a caption, and tagging stuff is making you miss the point of being at a show.  Your big ass smartphone/tablet/camera screen is also really, really distracting.  And you know how you have the flash turned on?  Basic rule of photography: you're too far away for it to make a difference.  So turn the flash off because you're just going to end up with crappy pictures anyway.  Namely, you're just taking pictures of the guy's head in front of you.  Luckily, I haven't yet gone to a show where someone has their iPad out to take pictures.  However, if that did happen, that person probably deserves to get punched or thrown into the mosh pit with their iPad.  Note to anyone reading this who actually takes pictures with your tablet at a show: everyone thinks you're a jerk.  And you are because your iPad is distracting and blocking everyone's view.  Not to mention you look ridiculous.