Saturday, May 11, 2013

How Social Media is Ruining TV (for me)

I don't consider myself a big TV person, but I am a loyal fan of two current shows: How I Met Your Mother and Mad Men.  I keep up-to-date with them, as well, meaning, I am on the current season for both shows.  Thank God for the internet.

But seriously, even though the internet allows me to watch these shows, I can't watch them on Monday (for HIMYM) or Sunday (for Mad Men).  In order to avoid finding out anything that happened, I practically have to avoid all social media the day after new episodes air.  I have too many friends that watch them and will write something about it.  Twitter is the worst, especially when it comes to Mad Men.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the Mad Men/AMC social media team and think they are doing a fantastic job of hyping and getting the show discussed.  But I know that tomorrow morning, about 3/4 of my Twitter feed will be filled with reactions to Mad Men that the show retweeted.  A good example is when the current sixth season started -- I knew before I watched the episode that (SPOILER ALERT!) Don was back to his womanizing ways and sleeping with his neighbor.  As a result, the suspense from the fifth season's cliffhanger was sort of anticlimactic.  Of course, I still watched the episode, but my reaction was sort of, "OK, I know that already."  Here's some examples of what I don't really want to see at all, even though I would click on it after watching the episode (this past week was surprisingly not too bad):

The funny thing is that after I started writing this blog post, the AV Club tweeted about an add-on which essentially makes social media ruining your TV viewing habits your own fault.  It was as if they read my mind or something:

I guess I'll have to try it, but I wonder if it would block everything related to the shows I watch?  Because I like reading about the non-spoiler stuff, like production or what have you.  I'll give the add-on a whirl and see if I like it.

On a related social media note, is Facebook asking anyone else for more information?  I constantly get this screen when I log in:

It's great that Facebook is trying to get more information from me and I get it.  Try to make the whole social media experience more personalized, "more social."  But there's quite obviously a reason why I haven't shared 40% of my information nor updated anything relevant.  So Facebook, please, stop asking me for this information.  At least add an option to not see this screen again because it's just annoying.  I also find it slightly irritating that I can't delete my college information.  This isn't really relevant to have on my Facebook profile anymore; it was useful when Facebook was only open to college students.  Has anyone else figured out how to get rid of that information?  I've tried with absolutely no luck.

And now I officially feel like I'm really going retro.


Anonymous said...

i feel yr pain, i cut the cord to Facebook a couple of years ago because of this and more. As for TV, i avoid twitter for a day when it comes to Big Bang Theory. Breaking Bad is the one, i may have to hide from the internet lol

plee said...

I think Lost was also pretty bad, but social media hadn't developed to where it is now!