Saturday, April 14, 2007

Going Back to Germany

Another long period has passed when I have not updated my blog. However, I feel like it would be appropriate to do so now. The title of this entry, "Going Back to Germany" has two significant meanings: 1. I was in Berlin for spring break and 2. I am officially going back to Germany after graduation.

Alex and I went back to Berlin for spring break and it was a good time. We did everything we hadn't done, like finding the rest of the Deutsches Historisches Museum, going clubbing (Alex hadn't really done much while we were there), and trying to get into the Reichstag (Alex had also not done that). We even got into a slight brawl in the middle of Skalitzer Straße over by Schlesisches Tor. I kept bunching Alex and well, she took her revenge by taking me down. I was just so shocked that she was actually attacking me that I automatically gave in.

The weather was gorgeous while we were there, especially in comparison to the cloudy, rainy/snowy stuff we're having here at the moment in Vermont. We did a lot of walking like we used to. We even walked through Tiergarten with our iPods turned on, not talking to each other. (Yeah, it's a sign of our generation.) We also went to the EU's 50th birthday party in front of the Brandenburg Gate, although the party there did not even come close to anything that had happened during the World Cup. Oh, and we saw the polar bear cub, Knut, which was absolutely ridiculous. Germany loves its bears. Seriously. First, there was Bruno. Then there was Knut. And then the panda bear Yan Yan died. Oh, bears. Stephen Colbert would hate it.

Going back to Berlin was also a good time because I got to see all the people that I knew there before, like Christian's friends, Pablo (he came up from Köln for the weekend), and Devin. (Devin is still kicking in Berlin with her band, Italoporno) It was as if I had never left.

The second reason why this entry is titled "Going Back to Germany" is because I got a call this morning informing me that I was taken off the Alternate list for this scholarship, the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program (CBYX), and actually chosen to participate. It was rather funny because the call woke me up, which is also interesting since I never leave my cell phone on. Last night, however, I forgot to turn it off. Anyway, the call woke me up but as soon as the woman on the phone said, "There's an open slot for the CBYX program. Do you want it?" I was pretty much wide awake.

So that settles it. Next year I will be somewhere in Germany (I don't know where exactly yet) starting on August 1. I'll be studying for 6 months and then doing an internship for 6 months. I'm not allowed to travel back to the U.S. for Christmas or anything like that, which for me doesn't really make much of a difference, so that means everyone's going to have to come visit me. And now the senioritis can kick in for real.