Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm done with my thesis!

I am officially done with my thesis. Forever. I did my defense for it today, thought I screwed up, but Joanna (my thesis advisor) told me later in her class that they're leaving the grade as it was. The defense did not lower the grade in any way, shape, or form. What a process it's been...but I never once got stressed out about it. (Thank God I have time management skills in which if I do anything late, I am just incapable of doing anything at all, and hence why I work really far ahead.) The fact that I am done with my thesis defense now means that I can actually have a little bit of senioritis and not feel guilty. Well, not quite. I just have to maintain my GPA (should be easy enough) and maybe find a job.

But after doing the defense and knowing my grade is not going to change, this means that I'm going to be graduating with high honors (I think that might be magna cum laude, no?), hopefully. That is, if nothing gets screwed up. (Such as they suddenly change the GPA minimum on me or I fail miserably in the one class I need for the semester).

And now the job search begins...I actually sent out another job application today for my dream job (that is, if that included the fact that it's in L.A.). Hopefully I'll get an interview with them. We'll see.


Joel W. said...


Doc said...

She's back! Yay!

..And good luck with the job!

Monica Grice said...

I really think people should know how to manage their time, especially if they are working with tedious and long thesis writing. With it, they can balance out their time which can be spend on thesis writing and also for other things that they will do aside from writing. Anyway, how’s the job search? I think having completed your thesis can be a big help with it.