Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Sounds of Silence

After just eating lunch with some friends, I've noticed that I have nothing new to say to people...ever. I told Alex how I felt and she's right; it's a complete overexposure to the people I am friends with because we all live together. Topic conversations are pretty much limited to the following:

1. Schoolwork & how much it sucks.
2. Your weekend plans.
3. How tired you are and how much you want to nap.
4. What you've already done for the day, what your plans are for the rest of the day.
5. Ideas for parties sometime in the future.

I think that's a pretty comprehensive list of topics. To be perfectly honest, I'd rather sit in silence and enjoy it rather than chit chatting about stuff that I'll re-hash out with someone else later. For example, this morning I was repeating stuff that I had told Elise already on Tuesday. I felt stupid, so just apologized.

I feel like that is one thing I learned while I was abroad. It's OK to sit in silence with someone and not have it awkward. Why is it that we're so used to constantly talking? Why can't we just sit and say nothing? I don't understand it. Elise also told me that every third word out of my mouth is "thesis," which she's probably right about, but I have nothing else to say except, "Hmm, I should go work on my thesis," or something along those lines. Nothing in my life is currently that interesting. There is nothing new to report to people, nothing newsworthy. I feel like I myself am just a boring person at the moment because all I do is eat, sleep, exercise, go to class, and do classwork. How monotonous.