Thursday, February 16, 2006

Die Berlinale, Olympische Spiele und andere Ereignisse

Right now I'm feel exhausted even though I haven't done anything extraordinary today. However, I am finished with all of my papers and classes, so I can finally say, "The semester has officially come to an end." Technically it ends tomorrow when I email all my papers in, but whatever. I haven't been doing anything for the past two days.

Actually, there is one thing that has been going on since 9 February, which is the Berlin Film Festival (aka "Die Berlinale"). Christian, Pablo, and I wanted to go see V for Vendetta and Syriana, but both sold out before we got tickets. I wound up seeing Roman Holiday on my own and it was pretty lucky that I even got a ticket. I had gone to the ticket booth over in the Potsdamer Platz Arkaden expecting that it wouldn't be sold out, but I was wrong. I decided to go to the venue (which was literally across the street) and see if I could somehow get a ticket there. I was standing on the line when a guy approached me and asked, "Willst du eine Karte für Roman Holiday?" to which I answered, "Ja, gern! Danke schön!" I bought it off him for the same price he bought it for (7€) and got the chance to see the movie on a real movie screen. Additionally, there was a guy from Paramount Pictures who had helped do the digital restoration of the print that was being shown and he introduced the film. That was really fascinating.

This weekend I'm flying to Turin for the Olympics. I'm looking forward to it, but at the same time, I'm a bit nervous. I don't know why, but I'm just crazy like that. It's kind of sad because I haven't really been able to watch the Olympics. Ok, I'll admit the reason why is because I can never find them on TV. (Call me stupid.) Plus, I never watch TV, so I never know when they're on. If you're watching the Olympics this weekend and watch a hockey game (USA vs. Slovakia) or women's quarterfinals for aerials, I'll be there.

"Andere Ereignisse" that have been going on: Christian and I found a new roommate to take Pablo's room when Pablo moves out. It turns out that Pablo isn't moving back home to Köln, rather, he's moving in with Julian (his friend) and staying here in Berlin. It makes me a little sad because Pablo and I have had some good times recently, having a good laugh. He asked if I could make pancakes (last night I made brownies from scratch) because apparently he likes pancakes, so I did. But yeah, he moves out on February 28, when I'm in Düsseldorf.

The new roommate that Christian and I "chose" is named Valentin. The reason why I put chose in quotes is because we chose him by default. Three people came to see the apartment, the two that we liked better took other apartments, and that left Valentin. When he came to see the apartment, Christian and I agreed that he seemed to have no personality. But whatever, it's for two months when Heike comes back and then I'll move into Pablo's room (which is actually Krischan's). I still haven't decided if I'm going to stay through August or not.

The last thing that happened is that last Friday Alex and Meredith left to start spring semester at Middlebury. I helped Alex pack up her life into some bags and shit, it was a lot. I'm posting a picture of Meredith and Alex's stuff combined at Tegel. It's been really bizarre this past week without being able to constantly call Alex and say stupid stuff, such as, "You need to see this mullet on the U-bahn right now," or, "Oh God, I just ran into (insert name here) and it sucked." Additionally, I've been over by Meredith's U-bahn stop and it's strange to think, "Wow, I don't know anyone that lives here anymore."

The other thing is that when Alex and I were taking a cab to the hotel that we all stayed in near the airport, I thought to myself how I am so incredibly glad that I am staying here for the year. I was filled with various emotions, from jealousy (dining halls, classes in English, familiarity) to sadness (no more rolling over and making calls on the weekends to hear that I'm not the only one wallowing in bed) to content/relief (that I'm staying the year).

Right now I think it's just readjusting to the fact that I have fewer friends here and have to wait until the other MiddKids get here. Then again, I'll be traveling for the next five weeks (which means I will be updating my blog less frequently).

Oh, and another event (but completely mundane) is that I cut my own hair. It turned out really well, even though it was my first time cutting it myself. Just thought I'd like to tell everyone that. Go me.

Currently listening to "Tremenda Expectativa" by Dan Den. Yes, Latin music rocks.


julie said...

It is sad to see your friends go home but now you can really experience German culture on your own. I still think it is better to spend a year there to get to know the place. Like you said, you will be traveling all over the place in March, by the time you realize what is going on. It will be April and hopfully your sister could come to see you in May. Before you know it, you'll be home and you'll be complaining about suckie siuation at home, right?

Jackie said...

No worries, Sannie! Everyone says the second semester of studying abroad is the best. You're gonna have an absolutely kick-ass time.

Dug said...


It is such a privilege to be here in Europe, huh? I'm not going to be able to come visit for a weekend during the normal semester--logistics from where I am are u:ber-expensive--but if you're around during June, I found this incredible travel system ( that I think I'm going to use to do some traveling, and I'll be making my way to Berlin via that. Hopefully you'll still be there, but if not, maybe you want to travel? Anyways, it's good to read up on what you're doing, and have a helluva time traveling.

Stiny said...

Yo, I LOVE Roman Holiday, best movie ever. I want to go to Rome with my bf and do what they do, wishing well thing and everything. Did you see it in German or Enlgish?

Alexandra Romero said...

When Liso and I were driving up to Midd, we stopped in this tiny, tiny town in Pennsylvania to grab lunch. We were in the convenience store of a gas station, and we were talking about how we had all these leftover euros that we needed to change, when the woman behind the counter was like, "Sorry to ask a stupid question, but what's a euro?". We answered her, and she was like "Wow. You guys are so lucky to be able to go to Europe. I've wanted to go my whole life." And I was all, tears...I miss Berlin.

hos said...

Super Cooles Browsergame - würde mich freuen euch dort begrüßen zu dürfen!! (Wolfspack)