Saturday, December 24, 2005

Weihnachten ist am 24. Dezember...Wait, what?

As I write this entry, I am sitting ganz allein in my apartment. Pablo went home to Köln and Christian went home to Düsseldorf, so I have the apartment to myself. It's actually not too bad, but I really don't go into the living room or their rooms. I cleaned the other day so the whole apartment is spic and span clean. Hurrah.

I discovered that Germans celebrate Christmas (Weihnachten) on December 24th. Weird, right? I found out from Pablo one night when we were watching TV together and there was an ad that said something about the "1. Weihnachtstag." I asked what that was, he answered that it was the day after Weihnachten which is the 25th. I was like, "What are you talking about? No, Christmas is the 25th! You're shitting me!" I had to check a calendar to make sure, and sure enough, Arsenal (the cinema where I have to see films for film history) is closed today, the 24th, but not the 25th. Talk about getting culture.

Liso and Marisa came from Prague and will be here in Berlin for the next few days, along with Alex's family. It's been interesting so far because Alex has been grading Marisa on her performance in front of her parents. This means that Marisa is not allowed to swear (any words, such as "sucks," "crap," and anything worse than that), talk about sex in any form (including nudity), talk about drinking or drugs, and basically, just not saying anything that could offend Alex's parents. Last night Marisa got a B, mostly because she started going off on how some woman had "propositioned her" and then the first time she had tequila. I'm only wondering what is going down right now, since Liso and Marisa went touring with Alex and her family. I didn't go because I'll have to do the same things next week when Lannie comes.

It doesn't feel like Christmas at all. So, I'd just like to share some random thoughts:
1. Christian just called to wish me a Frohe Weihnachten, and I felt really stupid on the phone. I still hate talking on the phone in German because it's still really difficult. I also felt even more stupid because I didn't notice the little tree in the corner of his room that he wants me to water. I was like, "Wait, you have a little tree in your room?" Sometimes I think he must think I'm the stupidest person he's ever come across. Oh well, such is life.

2. It's amazing how the Stella McCartney H&M stuff hasn't sold out here because I read some articles and heard from my sisters how bad it was in New York. Let's just put it this way: I found a crapload of stuff for 30-70% off, which is unbelievable that it's still there. I bought the wide leg pants and the jean jacket. Couldn't resist.

Dinner with the Romeros last night

3. I called all my friends last night because they were at Matt's house. I'm sad that I'm not at home in New Jersey to spend the holidays with all of them since we always get together during the holidays. But it also felt good because they haven't forgotten me.

4. I've come to the conclusion that I really, really love it here in Berlin. There is no other city in the world like it. I'd seriously consider moving back here after college to work if I could find a job. Sure, I get anti-Americanism once in awhile, but it doesn't come across a shock (though it always still sucks when it happens).

5. I have discovered listening to Radio Eins here. It's awesome and I must thank Nils for recommending it. They play everything from Franz Ferdinand to The Beatles and then have news, as well as callers. Since I have nobody to speak in German to, it's been helping me out with listening comprehension so that I don't become completely retarded (as in my first observation) with German. And I'm listening to Radio Eins right now as there is a reading of some Christmas story. Excellent.


Ben said...

Hey Sannie,

Hope you had a good Christmas (a day early :))! Glad that you're really enjoying Berlin!


aurora_de_5a7 said...

I must say I think I really celebrate the 24th as well. Well my family does the christmas eve thing.

I hope everything was well this christmas for you. Yeah I think this year it just didn't feel like christmast. It came so fast!

It's great to know how much you really like Berlin. I've spoke to so many people that told me how awesome they thought it was...and really great that you're actually loving the place.


Misha Molodoi said...

Saennichen -

I feel you on the whole strange Christmas's just not the same when you're not at home. At least the Germans have Christmas in December...Russians don't celebrate it until January! to make things worse, it's not even a big holiday; years of atheist communism made New Years the big time for celebrating.
I'm glad you're loving Berlin (aber ich habe doch gewusst, dass er dir so sehr gefallen wuerde!). I can't wait to be there with y'all. I'm leaving for Wien at the end of January (and, thank God, getting the hell OUT OF RUSSIA!). if you have time off and wanna see the second wonder of the german-speaking world, drop me a line; we could chill and see if doenner tastes as good in Vienna as it does in Berlin (although i'm already sure that it doesn't!).
Happy Holidays and have a great new Year!!
hab dich lieb,

mom said...

I am glad that you really enjoying Berlin. If you learn to live in a foreign country and make it your own, you can live anywhere. Just learn to see the beauty of each place that you go. Every place on earth has its own charms. I am looking forward having you home, so we can go see movies together and just talk about nothing; or watch trashy shows and trash everybody that's on the show.