Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christmas Time is Here....Again.

Once again, I have some more pics to post, and stuff to say, so here goes. This weekend I went with Nils to a flea market over at Prenzlauerberg, where Alex met up with us. It was really great because you could find every and anything you could think of, from old German board games to ugly furniture from the 1970's. I managed to get a Christmas present for my dad, which I hope he likes, but I'm not going to say what it is here in case for some reason he actually does end up reading it. It's really a hit or miss, but I guess you can't really go to a flea market ("Floh Markt") with anything super specific in mind. Apparently this market runs year round, but I'm not so sure about that, considering that it gets really "Arschkalt."

I'd just like to digress on the word "Arschkalt" for a second. Christian taught me it, and it literally means "ass cold." Basically, it means it's fucking cold out. I didn't believe him when he said it and thought he was totally bullshitting me, but it is now one of my favorite words. I try to use it whenever possible: "Is it Arschkalt outside?" "I think it's going to be Arschkalt tomorrow." "It's Arschkalt now." Of course, it doesn't sound nearly as great in English.

Topographie des Terrors & part of the Berlin Wall

But back on track: Other things I did this weekend included going to the Topographie des Terrors (aka old SS headquarters) with Alex, but it was just so Arschkalt (see, there I go again) that we couldn't read everything. More pics are up on Flickr. I also went to a party with Christian where it was slightly awkward for me because I didn't know anyone and my conversation topics are limited by my languge skills. So then that's when I just got up and danced with the other four people that were dancing. Good music, though: Hot Hot Heat, Weezer, Le Tigre, Modest Mouse, Violent Femmes, etc. It was like a WRMC party in German.

As for Christmas time, I've mentioned that the Weihnachtsmarkt over on the Ku'damm is amazing. And that, it is. I finally got around to bringing my camera around and taking some pictures. The best way to describe the atmosphere is like a carnival without the huge rides (ferris wheel, salt & pepper shaker) with a holiday spirit and the scent of alcohol on the air from the numerous Glühwein stands. Glühwein is a malt wine, I think, and sort of tastes like a warm Sangria minus the fruit. That's the closest I can describe it, and I should be bringing home a bottle or two.

Anyhow, yeah, the Weihnachtsmarkt doesn't really have anything super exciting as Christmas gifts, in my opinion. (The flea market was probably better and more unique) But the FOOD. I shared some zeppolis with Devin the other night walking through it. (Zeppolis or fried dough, whatever you call them, are called "Quarkbälle" here) I actually haven't walked through the market during the day, but I really love it at night because everything is lit up and it's a little colder, so you just feel so comfortable all bundled up.

As always, there are more pics up on my Flickr account. It's sort of hard putting them up on the blog and trying to put the ones that are most representative of what I'm talking about. I'm just sticking a few on here at the end just because I really like them, and in case you don't want to look on Flickr. I'd also just like to add that I'm really getting into the holiday spirit and I'm looking forward to when Lannie comes to visit me. Yay for Christmas!


Joel W. said...

Beautiful pics. Foreign culture is awesome! Food, fun and wine. Can't beat that. I don't envy the cold weather, though. We have an overnight low of 50 degrees and that's COLD to me. Bundle up, and drink up. (-:

Misha Molodoi said...

i love the pics of the Gedaechtniskirche at night!! I can't wait to come!!!!!!!!!!! also, could you asked the middkids that are stay for the semester if their roomate would be interested in another american student to rent a room? i know i still have months to go, but i'm already dreaming of living in Prenzlauerberg!

Barbara said...


I love your photos and your blogging--and that you have a FLCKR account. Now I KNOW that you were just kidding during our FYS about loathing the blog!

Merry Christmas!


Liso said...

MMMM zeppolis. Get my family around some of those and we think we're Italian. Cool pics. I can't post much because of this old computer and not having the right port to connect to my video camera. And getting the right adaptor would be an ordeal. The xmas decorations in Logrono are pretty tight too. They have lights strung up across the streets about every five feet, and this strange blue christmas tree in the middle of the down town, which is probably blue because it's sponsored by some company called Azul, which also sponsored the ice rink they've put outside the catedral. It almost reminds me of Midd, the way they just froze water over the plaza and voila, rink! Except this is a little less ghetto as they've put up a tent over it and people actually use ice skates and there's nary a broom in sight. This comment will probably someday grow up to be a real blog entry.

ps how do I get the honor of BG posting on my blog?


pps secret puzzle word = zuhnf; that must mean something in German

aurora_de_5a7 said...

Those pictures are amazing. It looks so festive. I hope your holidays will be as festive as those pictures.