Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving...German Style.

I wasn't sure how Thanksgiving in Deutschland would turn out, considering that sometimes "normal" ingredients are hard to come by (like brown sugar). However, everything fell together wonderfully; Alex and I made great mashed potatoes, Rob and his friend Dave made interesting sweet potatoes (marshmallows? What?) and Cam...well...Cam was absolutely brilliant. He made the turkey, green beans wrapped in ham, stuffing, corn pudding, carrots, and pumpkin pie. One of his roommates, Joanna, made the cranberry sauce and apple pie, which were both delicious. I was certainly impressed with everything because not only did it look good, it tasted amazing. I know, all the pictures that I have are of empty plates rather than how good the food looked, but that just means it was really tasty.

Today I went over to Cam's again so that we could make soup out of the leftover turkey carcass. We didn't finish it by the time I left, but we did manage to make a tasty turkey broth, which is a good start. I'll probably end up going to Cam's pretty often between now and whenever we finish the soup. After all, he does have my large pot to use. And there is always turkey soup at the end of Thanksgiving, which always signals the beginning of the Christmas season.

Speaking of Christmas season, today was the first day it snowed and it was gorgeous. What a great way to wake up the day after Thanksgiving. I'm posting a picture of the view outside my window with the low cloud coverage and snow, though you can see more snowy pictures on my Flickr account.

I think this weekend I'm going to some markets with Nils. The Christmas markets here are simply amazing and there just isn't anything like it that I've experienced before. Sure, the Macy's windows in NYC are fantastic, but just walking through the Weihnachten Markt on the Ku'damm is the embodiment of Winter Wonderland. Everything just seems so bright and cheerful. I should take pictures of it, and when I do, I'll be posting them. Oh, and still on the topic of pictures, I went to London last week and there are pictures up from there. Nothing super interesting, except for the fact that there was a food stand in Stansted Airport called "Lovejuice." (I kid you not)

I'm posting some other random pictures on here because I thought the buildings/art was interesting. That's one thing I absolutely love about Berlin: You can find art everywhere...street art, performance art (though Cam has a great story about that), etc. The graffiti is not just graffiti, and I find myself stopping to look at walls with stuff on it. Take for example this building on the left that I saw walking around Friedrichshain with Cam. I'm also posting another picture which I took on the way walking to his apartment. I really need to walk around the city more because there are so many nooks and crannies, just like Thomas's English muffins.

I know anyone who is reading this is most likely too lazy to post a comment (which is perfectly ok), but I took some pictures that I posted on my Flickr account that I think might be worthwhile seeing. So, if you're not doing anything after reading this sort of pointless post, look at my pictures. I'm lazy enough that I'm not going to post them anywhere else (ie: Facebook).


Anonymous said...

That is not a German car (2nd pic at Flickr) You can always tell the difference between German and French cars: German cars speed on the autobahn while their French counterpart sits in the garage waiting for repair :-)

Anonymous said...

I was worried about you being away from home and all. I am gald that you had a great Thanksgiving!! You were so worried that you are not going to have a good time in Germany. I guess you change your mind by now, right?


Joel W. said...

You've never had sweet potatoes with marshmallows? I don't even celebrate and I've had them before. I'm not crazy about sweet potatoes in general, but they're tasty with some marshmallows.

Liso said...

Deutschland looks cold. Come to Logroño where it´s sunny and warm and the wine flows like water. (no that´s not a ploy to get you down here, where it might also be snowy and cold.)

ps can I use your big pot sometimes?

Liso said...

ps. my puzzle word was blomonn, which sounds like a Jamaican doing something naughty

Tzeh said...

Yo, i swear that the last photo of the grafitti of that girl was done by this new york artist, swoon. she does paste ups everywhere like that, and that's totally her drawing style. weird. maybe she made a visit to berlin and did some cool paste ups.

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