Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Endlich: Ich habe eingezogen!

So I finally moved into my apartment yesterday with the help of Meredith and Alex. (Pic on the left is the view from my window with the U-bahn going by.) I don't think it could've went any easier, either. We took the bus one stop to Schlesisches Tor from Meredith's, then took the U-bahn one stop to Görlitzer Bahnhof. We walked the block or so to where I will be living until April 30th, when I have to move out. The room I am renting belongs to a 30-year-old law student, and I think she is away for the 6 months because she has studies to do of some sort. I'm living with two German guys, Pablo and Christian, so it will be good for using my German. I feel as if within the past two days that I've been here, I've used my German more than the whole month that Alex and I were in the hotel, but even so, it's a bit awkward still since I'm the "new roommate." Not to mention that I've been completely retarded and can't manage to open the damn door to the apartment. It's pretty difficult and I am determined to be able to open it by tomorrow evening on my own. (Yes, Pablo & Christian have both had to let me in, even though I have the key)

The past few days have been relatively uneventful otherwise, to say the least. I went to Ikea with Cam today and bought sheets and a pillow for my bed. I kept telling Christian that I was going to Ikea (pronouncing it "eye-key-ah") and seeing that he was confused, I said, "ee-key-ah?" which solved the problem. Oh, Ikea. No matter where you go in the world, as long as there is Ikea, there is cheap furniture and bedding to be bought. This other picture is of my room, but the furniture came with the room. It's not mine, obviously...But yeah. Ikea went well and Cam helped me pick out which pillow. I never realized that there were so many to choose from, but apparently there is.

I also went real grocery shopping and spent 20€ at Plus. I probably could've spent less if I hadn't bought bottles of shampoo & conditioner, but whatever, 20€ is still pretty good. I still find it really strange to have to bring your own canvas bags if you don't want to pay for another canvas bag or for a plastic bag. Germans are super environmentally friendly, I noticed, with the exception of my roommates who don't seperate their garbage like everyone else. The canvas bag I have says "Schützt unsere Umwelt!" (Protect our environment) with a turtle and a frog kissing under a rainbow. (And this next picture is the living room)

Some random observations about Berlin that I've made within the past month:
1. Everyone at home has a twin here. I've seen numerous people on the street almost thinking that they were someone from home. I'm not sure why this seems to be the case, but seriously. Both of my roommates strongly remind me of students at Middlebury.
2. Berlin is the smallest big city. I see the same people all the time on public transporation (ie: U-bahn, S-bahn), and it's not even at the same time. How is it possible? I have no idea. It's also really easy to run into people you know on the street. Doesn't happen often in New York.
3. People are really cuddly and openly affectionate here. Call me a prude, but I don't want to see people making out on the U-bahn (which has happened lots of times before). Seriously, whether it's a heterosexual or gay couple, there will be a lot of kissing, ass-grabbing, really intense eye contact, etc. involved.

So that's it for now. I've made other observations, but nothing worth writing about. I found these interesting.


Dan said...

Your room looks pretty comfy! I'm glad that you're finally settled into your own place.

Your language skills probably will get a lot better living with two Germans. Sometimes I don't really notice whether or not my Japanese has gotten better, but my family is all really surprised at how much more I talk now.

You should post a picture of that bag - it sounds pretty ridiculous. I'll start posting pictures of bad "Engrish."

Tzeh said...

dude!!! you have to send me one of those bags. I want a bag with a turtle and frog kissing under a rainbow. I wish that stores here didn't automatically give you bags. At Whole Foods, in fact, they give you TWO plastic bags for every one bag of groceries (they don't even suck as bad as the bags at Key Foods...seriously you need like 3). So much for being environmentally friendly. (Yes, i should just bring an extra canvas bag. hence wanting your german canvas bag.)

I'm glad that you settled in. Your room looks really nice - awesome high ceilings. Is your room in the back or the front?

jennyschneider said...

Your room does look pretty comfy. I think I had a dream about you last night, but it slipped away when I woke up. I hope you've been doing well. It's been a pretty crazy week over here. I think it's my turn to e-mail you, so I'm going to make it a point to do that at some time today. I miss you (as always).


Anonymous said...

Du bist eingezogen, oder?...

deirdre said...

sorry i abandoned our convo, but i almost burned my house down. um, yeah. so gemany sounds awesome!! can i PLEASE have the canvas bag too? miss you trishee!