Wednesday, September 07, 2005

New York, New York

Over the weekend I went to see Back to the Future with my sister Tracie and her fiancé Wayne in a theater on the lower East Side. But after dinner, we had time to kill. We decided to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, so when we were in Brooklyn, I took this picture of the Manhattan skyline. I love New York, and damn, I'm going to miss it when I'm in Berlin.

Isn't it pretty? I took it with my Canon SD400 Digital Elph and had to hold really still by placing it on a banister. I also had to change the shutter speed. I must say, it came out really nicely.

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jennyschneider said...

I've been trying to reach you on your cell phone. Thanks for keeping up with my blog, I miss you. It has been really wierd without you, Dan, and Meg around. I miss you.