Thursday, September 29, 2005

New Beginnings

First off, Im going to apologize ahead for anz punctuation and what maz appear to be tzpos. I'm on a German kezboard in an internet cafe, and well, I am trzing to maximiye mz time while Im here, rather than worrzing about punctuation and spelling and all that good stuff.

Mz time in London went well, and seeing Ken and his friends and Chris was reallz great. We went to a comedz club in Leicester Square, which was quite fun, and we got some pints to drink (This is England we're talking about). We also went to a pub afterward, and I think the result of that night is prettz much a given of what happened!

I also went to see Ewan McGregor in Guys and Dolls in the West End, and all I can saz is that it was FABULOUS. I love the music and of course Ewan being in it helped a lot. The worst part was probablz the imitated New York accents, but what can zou do? I thought it ironic that I went to London to see a musical about New York...go figure!

So as I said, I'm in an internet cafe with Alex sitting here next to me. She is updating her blog too but she seems to keep typing and then deleting everzthing. But anzwaz, I showed up in Tegel and thank goodness that Zoey and Alex were there, otherwise I would've had a major panic attack (which I had onlz a few dazs ago anzwaz). We took the bus to the Zoologischer Garten, where Alex and I picked up a (Mercedes) cab and got to our B&B, which is actuallz in a residence.

Alex took a nap since she's been awake for a few hours (let's saz, 28 hours??), and then we left to walk around. Funniest thing ever: We walk outside and there, very close to where we are staying, was a car. And not just anz car. But this car had a MIDDLEBURY STICKER ON IT. I know it's rude to type in all caps, but honestlz, what are the chances that we're here in Berlin, and a car has a Midd sticker on it? I had to take a picture of it, and I promise I will post it when I get on mz own computer and all that.

So how am I feeling through this whole experience thus far? A few words: Apprehensive. Scared. Nervous. Doubtful. And yes, mazbe even a little excited...but honestlz I think mz apprehension is overshadowing all other emotions. I also feel like nobodz will understand me when I trz speaking in German because mz American accent is so thick, but granted that I will be here for a zear, mz German SHOULD be getting better.

Oh, and first impressions of Berlin:

1. The weather is worse than London. Whz? Well, I show up in London expecting prettz bad weather, but it was prettz decent. I show up here and its cold and raining, which causes everzthing to be this graz color. Mazbe it has something to do with how I feel.

II. There are ridiculous amounts of H&Ms. Alex and I saw what...4 in a row? We were thinking that thez were possiblz the same building, but no, thez weren't. Thez were seperate H&Ms on perhaps 2 blocks. What the heck do zou need all the H&Ms for?

c. It seems like everzone loves their pizza. Alex and I have found numerous pizzerias. We haven't eaten any....yet.

Four. Considering that I've onlz been here for 8 hours, I don't think I can actuallz have a fourth observation. Especiallz because we haven't reallz walked around that much...we went through a bunch of residential neighborhoods.

Oh, but I do have to say, it will take me awhile to get used to people being able to smoke just about everywhere. So just as a warning to any family members reading this: I'm probablz going to come home smelling like cigarettes, the way Tzeh did when she came home from Florence.

So, for now...I guess I'll be ok. I'm hoping to buy a cell phone within the next two days (I'm going to ask Zoey for help), and hopefullz I will find an apartment within the next 6. I'm not forcing mzself to find anzthing in this time period, because I realiye that will just make things harder. All I reallz need is a good location, internet, a kitchen, and a bed. Not too difficult, I don't think.

So I guess that's it for this edition of mz adventures in Berlin. Perhaps the next time I write I will have mz own place bz then..........


Ben said...

Hey Sannie!
Glad that you enjoyed England and have made it to Berlin safe and sound. I can imagine that you're probably a little apprehensive about being in a foreign country and being forced to speak the language all the time. Don't worry though, I'm sure you'll quickly get accustomed to speaking the language and will get all the logistical stuff worked out in no time. Tschuss!

wayne said...

Hey Sannie,

Remember, even when you feel alone, we're all right here going about our lives, thinking about you and your adventures from time to time, and hoping to get a few moments a way from our own feelings to help you through yours.

It has gotten cool here in NYC, and it really feels like fall. It gets dark early and stays cool for most of the morning.

My big sis and her man left today for massahossetts and I'm here contemplating heading into the city to get my fro trimmed. Sometimes I feel very alone myself, eventhough I have your beuatiful sister to come home to and hang out with. Cities have a way of making you feel lost in the crowd.

Sometimes it is nice to be able to retreat to that and sometimes its nice to get away.

Your language mastery will increase and you'll probably lose your 'merican accent to a large degree. Don't worry too much about whether or not people understand you and don't let it frustrate you too much. People spend years in their own countries being misunderstood on a regular basis (take that idiot that call himself our president for example).

Anyways, start taking pictures and posting them on that fancy flickr account I gave you (you can integrate your flickr and your blog very easily - check it out) once you get your own place, and we'll be reading here as often as we can. Now that we know about it ;)


Joel W. said...

Wow. I'm so jealous you're in Europe. What a great opportunity for you. Enjoy it, live it up and be safe. (-; Don't forget us on the nerfboard!

jennyschneider said...

It's good to see a post on your blog! I'm glad that you arrived safely, and good luck on the apartment search.